18 Mar 2024

The Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub website goes live

Barcelona, March 18, 2024 – We are proudly launching the Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub website, our latest project in collaboration with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC). This centre emerges as a reference in the research and development of deep tech technologies, consolidating the alliance between both institutions.

The main mission of the Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub is the conception and improvement of advanced technologies with the potential to revolutionise various sectors. This dynamic ecosystem, created with the vision of fostering innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, becomes an essential actor within the university.

As a fundamental part of the UPC, the Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub is committed to empowering students, faculty and researchers to transform ideas into impactful solutions that shape the future. The hub is positioned as a catalyst for turning research into action, leveraging the combined expertise and resources of Fractus and the UPC.

By joining forces, Fractus and the UPC aim to address the needs of the market and society, capitalising on the transformative power of UPC technologies. This joint project reflects a commitment to excellence, cutting-edge research and the promotion of Deep Tech solutions that will set the standard for the evolution of various sectors.

Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub stands as a beacon of innovation, consolidating the shared vision of both entities to promote technological progress and contribute to the sustainable development of society. With a commitment to nurturing talent and creativity, the hub is a catalyst for change, leading the way to a technology-driven future.