From the smartphones in our pockets to the networks that help make real the vision of the Smart City, antennas are pervasive. Fractus’ antenna technology provides a response to the wireless connectivity requirements of today’s connected world – and the antenna technology innovation that will enable an even smarter, more connected life of tomorrow.
Smartphones & Tablets
The number of smartphone users worldwide in 2020 surpasses three billion and is estimated to further grow by several hundred millions in the next few years. Today, almost every one of these smartphones uses antenna technology based on Fractus’ geometric designs. The major smartphone manufacturers integrate Fractus multi-band antenna technology into their products.
IoT / M2M, smart home & smart cities
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our understanding of what can be connected and how. IoT endpoints now range from connected cars to refrigerators and from smart meters to traffic lights, and everything in between. Behind all of this lies a wireless wide area network delivering connectivity across potentially billions of devices. With the antenna critical to IoT connectivity, Fractus’ technology is enabling fundamental changes in the way in which people interact with their environment.
Wearables and medical devices
From smart watches to fitness trackers, smart glasses to medical devices, new device form factors are challenging manufacturers to reimagine the antenna in order to balance connectivity with the miniaturization demanded by these new categories of devices. Fractus miniature antenna technology helps them realize maximum antenna performance with minimum antenna space.
Telecom networks
Mobile operators are forced to continuously improve their network infrastructure to provide first-class services to their customers who expect high quality user experience and continual service improvement. Network improvement walks hand in hand with the deployment of new base stations and the upgrade of existing base stations while guaranteeing environmentally friendly installations.
Low visual impact