08 May 2023

Rubén Bonet introduces “Fractus, el ave fénix” to the university students

Barcelona, May 8, 2023 – During these recent weeks, Ruben Bonet, Chairman and CEO of Fractus has introduced his book “Fractus, el ave fénix” to numerous university students at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and at the Universitat de Barcelona.

On April 26th, Bonet introduced his book at an event at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia together with Carles Puente, Fractus co-founder and inventor of the fractal antenna. During the meeting, held in the university rectory, both explained to the students how they decided to create the company as a spin-off from the UPC more than 20 years ago. At a time when there were only single-frequency GSM antennas, Fractus anticipated the future and created multi-band telecommunication networks. Since then, the the company journey has been long and difficult.

The book, which includes the history of Fractus and how all those who are part of it lived it, was also presented to the students of the University of Barcelona on May 3rd. On this occasion, Bonet explained to the students how the company revolutionized the telecommunications sector with multiband antennas based on fractal geometries, which allowed companies from all over the world to incorporate external mobile phone antennas inside the “casing” of the devices. He also explained how Fractus pivoted its business model to defend its intellectual property and monetized the economic benefits of its patents within various industries such as mobile phones and the Internet of Things.

Fractus thus became a technology licensing company that continues to strengthen its intellectual property creation channel through constant investment in R&D, with a sophisticated intellectual property strategy, being one of the best examples of SMEs that were able to successfully defend their patents around the world.

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