17 May 2018

PIMEC and IP Europe collaborate to ensure businesses ‘benefit from innovation’

Barcelona, 17th May 2018 – PIMEC and IP Europe have today signed a memorandum of understanding to promote innovation for and within SMEs. Antoni Cañete, Secretary General of PIMEC and Ruben Bonet, SME Chairman of IP Europe and CEO of Fractus signed the agreement following a Patents event hosted by PIMEC.


IP Europe is the Brussels-based European coalition that represents IPR and R&D intensive organizations, working with multiple stakeholders including the European Commission to promote innovation and shape improvements in IP policy – particularly as it relates to SMEs.


This latest agreement begins a new phase of collaborative working that will extend IP Europe’s participation and visibility in various European and national SME associations: for example, the European SME association UEAPME, for which PIMEC currently holds the Vice Presidency.


“This agreement means both parties will collaborate in joint actions to implement innovation through SMEs and share valuable information to benefit Europe’s innovative smaller businesses,” says Antoni Cañete, Secretary General of PIMEC.


“PIMEC and IP Europe will also be working together on advocacy actions covering national and European legislation relating to innovation, Intellectual Property, patents, litigation and other critical areas,” says Francisco Mingorance, Executive Secretary of IP Europe.




Founded in 1975 and enlarged in 1997, PIMEC is the most representative employers’ confederation representing and advocating the interests of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the self-employed of Catalonia. The most representative social agent in Catalonia, PIMEC participates on 300 boards and work committees with public administrations and the most representative social agents. It regularly expresses its opinion on public legislative and political initiatives, and issues proposals to advocate and represent the interests of SMEs and the self-employed. It works in Catalonia at all levels (local, regional and autonomous community) and across Spain and Europe.


About IP Europe

IP Europe brings together R&D intensive European companies and research institutes committed to innovation: from SMEs to global enterprises and non-profit research entities operating in multiple industry sectors. They all share a common goal: to maintain, at all policy levels, strong patent protection for innovators and to support fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory standardisation policies that preserve fair compensation for innovators. IP Europe and partner companies are working together to produce a Code of Conduct that outlines fair and efficient technology licensing best practices for Standard Essential Patents.


About Fractus

Fractus is an early pioneer in the development of internal antennas for smartphones, tablets and wireless internet of things devices. The company holds an intellectual property rights portfolio of more than 40 inventions protected through over 120 patents and patent applications in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Among the numerous awards the company has received for its innovative work, Fractus was named 2005 Davos World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and has been recognized by the European Patent Office for its award-winning inventions. The company has a proven track record in innovation and licensing its award-winning geometry-based antenna technology to wireless device manufacturers in the USA, Europe and Asia.


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