30 Nov 2023

Fractus takes center stage at the Barcelona Deep Tech Summit

Barcelona, November 30, 2023 – Fractus has been an active participant at the Barcelona Deep Tech Summit, an exceptional gathering that brought together prominent innovators, investors, and startups in the Deep Tech field. This event, driven by the force of innovation, addressed topics ranging from advanced computing to digital health and sustainable resources, sparking discussions that set the tone for the current technological landscape.

Fractus takes pride in being an integral part of such highly relevant event. Our commitment was evident through the participation of key members of our team, including Dr. Carmen Borja, Ricardo Colin, Marta Barba, and Rubén Bonet, who seized the opportunity to establish valuable connections with Deep Tech startups during the Match-Making event.

One of the highlights was the participation of Fractus co-founder Carles Puente i Baliarda in the panel discussion titled “Building a Company from a Ph.D.” In this forum, he shared his experiences and insights into building Fractus from the ground up, leveraging growth on award-winning academic research that has had a positive impact on society, particularly in the field of antenna technology.

Dr. Carmen Borja, Fractus’ Chief technology Officer, played a crucial role as a judge in the Deep Tech Awards. The award-winning startups included NIMBLE Diagnostics, NanoChronia, Pangea Aerospace, and Sycai Medical.

Fractus extends its gratitude to all collaborators and organizers who made this event possible, including ACCIÓ, Barcelona Activa, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and Innovació UPC, among others.