18 Oct 2018

Fractus sues Vivo for patent infringement in China

BARCELONA & LONDON – October 18, 2018 – Fractus, the Barcelona-based research and development company, has filed a lawsuit against Vivo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, for infringement of its Chinese patents on antenna technology for wireless devices. The case has been filed in the Shanghai IP Court and is managed by Fractus’s UK licensing partner, Vectis IP Ltd, and the law firm in China, SIPS Asia Ltd.


“The central strategy for Fractus is licensing,” says Jordi Ilario, VP Licensing at Fractus, “but if our rights continue to be intentionally infringed, we must take action to defend the interests of our licensees.”


Fractus, founded in 1999, is the pioneer of geometry-based antenna technology. By applying the science of geometry and mathematics to antenna development, Fractus delivers technology that allows small antennas to fit inside devices with optimum multi-band functionality.


“We are confident in the strength of our patents worldwide as they have been upheld after multiple challenges over time, including, most recently, at the Chinese Patent Reexamination Board” says Mr. Ilario.


“This new litigation continues our ongoing campaign against companies that disregard our licensing demands, particularly in their domestic markets” says Sandro Spina, Licensing Director at Vectis. “We want to create a level playing field for licensees so all manufacturers using the patents in China, or in any other market, pay their fair share to support the technology and innovation that the patents represent.”



About Fractus

Fractus, S.A. is a world-renowned pioneer in the field of antenna technology. The company holds an intellectual property rights portfolio of more than 40 inventions protected through over 120 patents and patent applications in the United States, Europe and Asia. Among the numerous awards the company has received for its innovative work, Fractus was named 2005 Davos World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and has been recognized by the European Patent Office for its award-winning inventions. The company has a proven track record of innovation and licensing its award-winning geometry-based antenna technology to wireless device manufacturers worldwide.



About Vectis

Vectis is a UK based IP and technology licensing company that believes in the key role of intellectual property in promoting innovation. Vectis supports a level playing field for IP owners and implementers, working with both to unlock the full value of innovation sharing. With its global reach, Vectis is a solution provider and a contributor to a fairer and more sustainable innovation system.