05 Jun 2007

Fractus reaches 50th patent family milestone

Barcelona, 5th June 2007 – Fractus, the pioneer developer of fractal antenna technology, has achieved the milestone of its 50th invention and patent family.
The latest invention is an upgrade of fractal antenna technology specifically developed for the next generation of multifunction wireless devices (MFWD).
Fractus CTO Dr. Carles Puente submitted the world’s first fractal antenna patent application in 1995. The Fractus IP portfolio now covers a wide range of fractal antenna and related technologies that can be applied across the telecommunications and mobile industries. The 50 patent families include a total of 140 individual patents and patent applications around the world. The company also has a healthy pipeline of new patent applications currently in progress.

“Fractus’ 50th patent family reinforces our position as the foremost innovator and developer in the field of fractal antennas and a world leader in antenna technology,” said Fractus CTO, Dr. Carles Puente. “It also continues our consolidation as an IP-based company with a strong focus on innovation and R&D.”

The management of multimedia content and the provision of high-speed data processing are some of the characteristics of a new generation of mobile wireless devices that will become something far beyond the conventional cellphone. The challenge is to pack this functionality into small, slim devices while maintaining efficient wireless communications together with minimum power consumption and maximum battery life.

By specifically shaping some of the geometric characteristics of antennas to enable these developments, Fractus is contributing to the feasibility and success of MFWD.
“With new services being constantly launched, the ability to easily and quickly integrate them into tiny and stylish wireless devices becomes increasingly important. This ground- breaking MFWD technology will help antenna designers to address the challenge of integrating multiple services into increasingly smaller appliances, enabling the development of tomorrow’s wireless devices,” Dr. Puente added.

Fractus miniature and multi-band antennas use the unique properties of fractal geometries, delivering high performance antennas that are cost-effective and easy to integrate using existing manufacturing and assembly technologies.

Fifteen percent of Fractus employees hold a PhD and 60% are telecoms engineers. Fractus team has published over 50 IEEE papers and spoken at dozens of international conferences on the latest advances in mobile device and base station antenna technologies.

Companies employing Fractus antennas in their devices include global leaders such as Samsung, Sagem, CSR, Atheros Communications, NXP Semiconductors and Siemens.