02 Mar 2023

Fractus participates in 4YFN at MWC Barcelona 2023

Barcelona, March 2, 2023 – Fractus has participated in 4YFN, a key event for the Deep Tech ecosystem, as part of MWC Barcelona 2023.

Fractus’ goal is to identify new disruptive technologies with high growth potential. Through the Fractus-UPC DeepTech Hub collaboration, Fractus has been at 4YFN with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya BarcelonaTech start-up corner, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Emprèn Innovació UPC Programme. This is a pioneering initiative in Spain, focused on promoting the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the university community through the creation of technology-based companies.

Among those involved are notable startups such as Inmersia, Kombo, NUWE, Virmedex, Hodefy, Virmedex, Datision and Loyapp, among others.