24 Jul 2023

Fractus expands into healthcare with wireless implantable device technology

Barcelona, July 24 2023 – Fractus’ groundbreaking antenna technology now ventures into the realm of healthcare. The company has successfully developed an innovative wireless implantable device technology, revolutionizing the way doctors remotely monitor their patients and boosting the uptake of telehealth services by leveraging wireless connectivity. With the ability to offer real-time data and feedback, this cutting-edge technology is set to greatly improve patient care, enabling doctors to make timely, informed decisions and fostering personalized consultations that actively engage patients in their treatment journeys.

According to the American Heart Association, there is around 92,1 million adults in the US suffering from cardiovascular diseases, with nearly 500.000 cardiac pacemakers being given to patients in the US annually. The cardiac rhythm management devices market size was valued at $10,2 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow more than 4.2% CAGR to 2025 globally, being the US market value at $6,3 billion in 2025.

Fractus, a pioneering company in the field of antenna technology, has been at the forefront of revolutionizing telecommunications for over two decades. With its innovative technologies applied across various sectors, the company has left a significant imprint on society. Founded in 1999 in Barcelona, Spain, Fractus has spearheaded groundbreaking advancements, transforming the telecommunications industry. Notably, the company eliminated the need for external antennas in mobile phones, enabling worldwide connectivity while maintaining sleek designs.

About Fractus:

Fractus is an early pioneer in developing antenna technology for smartphones, tablets and other wireless Internet of Things devices and holds an intellectual property rights portfolio of more than 40 inventions protected through over 120 patents and patent applications in the United States, Europe and Asia. Among the numerous awards and honors the company has received for its innovative work, Fractus was named a 2005 Davos World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and one of Red Herring’s top innovative companies for 2006. It also won the 2004 Frost & Sullivan Award for technological innovation and the 2010 National Communication Award of the Catalan Government in the telecommunications category. A team of Fractus inventors was finalist for the EPO European Inventor Award 2014. On November 2015, Fractus was awarded Academiae Dilecta by the Spanish Royal Engineering Academy and on April 2017 received the “European Inspiring Company Award” by the London Stock Exchange and the Elite Group.