27 Nov 2007

Fractus antenna combines mobility and indoor coverage to revolutionise GPS emergency devices

Dual-mode GSM/ISM antenna shaped to the device’s mechanics, eliminating need for second antenna

Barcelona, 27 November 2007 – Fractus, the pioneer developer of fractal antenna technology has developed a conformed dual-mode ISM and GSM quad band antenna that can be shaped to the mechanics of a GPS emergency device, enabling a new generation of smaller emergency alert devices that work both in and outdoors, anywhere in the world.

A key challenge associated with currently available GPS emergency devices is their poor in-building coverage, making it difficult to locate people when they are at home or in a hospital, for example. By adding the ISM900 band, Fractus has enabled emergency devices to also locate people indoors. The GSM quad band connectivity allows emergency calls to be placed worldwide.

Using its patented fractal antenna technologies, Fractus has designed a solution that can be integrated into the PCB RF component, enabling the device to easily switch bands and eliminating the need for a second antenna. Having a single antenna also reduces the size of emergency devices.

“By addressing the competing challenges of mobility and indoor coverage, Fractus has transformed GPS emergency devices,” said Xavier Oliver, Fractus Account Manager, Products & Services Division. “There is a huge demand for such small, portable devices that can help users get assistance in the case of an emergency, regardless of where they are. The alarm buttons currently available are not mobile and only work inside the home, so this antenna will revolutionise the market for emergency devices.”

The use of fractal antenna technology has enabled a solution that is not only easy to integrate into devices, but also offers reduced antenna size and a high level of performance in terms of gain and efficiency. The flex-film conformed dual-mode ISM/GSM antenna covers the GSM850, GSM900, DCS and PCS bands, as well as ISM900. By enabling all frequencies with a single antenna, Fractus has also reduced the bill-of-materials required for these devices.

Fractus’ antenna will be shipping in GPS emergency devices in 2008.